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26 July 2010 @ 03:32 pm
A Durarara!! drabble/short one-shot; prompt given by koondy . Thank you! I hope you like it! This pairing needs more love like woah D:

Fandom: Durarara!!
Genre: Romance
Characters: Kida, Saki
Warnings: None

There were very few places and moments that Kida particularly wished he could go back to, to alter things. To change what had already occured and embedded itself within his memory, or to just relive the splender of that time again. Still, even though he was a boy who chased and longed for many hearts and their affections, he knew he only ever needed the attention of one.

And, if he had to choose only one, then this would be the moment he would want to remain in for the rest of his life.

In the dimly lit, sterile room, the dying light from outside nawed on the modest hospital window; one of many lined along each face of this massive building. Kida had always seen this window glazed in a golden hue; almost as if it were censoring the contents of this room for deserving eyes only. In the past, it had only served to fuel his unease about visiting again. Bedside rails were encased in a wash of purple, and the fresh sheets that had once been wrapped so securely around the figure underneath them seemed to emit a weak lilac glow.

"Oh, Kida-kun! For me? You really shouldn't have, you know."

Why she was surprised he didn't know.

The crinkle of thin, cheap packaging could be heard as the stems it bunched around were twisted by a trepid hand. Even the white lilies that protruded proudly from several different angles seemed tinted in this light. Kida could only stare at them.

He swallowed in what Izaya probably would have recognised as a way of stalling.

Had she even asked for white? He couldn't remember. It wasn't really a matter of him not noting the particular colour down, because he had. Somewhere. Whether it was scrawled onto a post-it-note that was currently wedged down the side of his bed, or saved as a drafted text on his phone, he genuinly, honestly could not seem to recall. He'd heard headwounds often did that to people, though.

"Hm, I'm sure we can manage to find a lovely vase to put those in somewhere, don't you think?" Saki's leg was partially uncovered by the now crumpled blanket, and he could see it from the corner of his gaze. Kida kept his eyes, intensely aware of who was lying infront of him and where, on the unassuming boquet perched on his lap. No matter how thoroughly he stared it down, his mind seemed to be begging him to look up. To see how Saki's leg was fairing.

Really, it was as if she'd purposely moved the fabric to the side ever so slightly before he came in. Or perhaps that was just so she could keep her lower body cool, now that the cast had finally been removed. No matter how likely the latter seemed, for some reason, Kida suspected the former.

A silence hung thickly in the heavy air, and the blond suddenly realised he had yet to answer.

"How's your leg doing?" He blurted out instead, accidently drifting over her previous question. Smooth. This was Mikado's style, not his. He wasn't his eternally polite and seemingly always nervous friend when talking to Anri.

Actually...maybe looking at her leg wouldn't have been so bad afterall.

He heard Saki inhale deeply, averting her gaze from him down to her recovering limb. A substantial, flushed scar protruded like a jagged road cut into dirt from her skin. If one looked closely, they might just have been able to see the tiniest dots placed periodically up the straight line. Of course, her stitches had been removed quite some time ago now.

She'd been up and walking (well, limping with the aid of crutches) up and down the hospital corriders, wherever there was space for her to do so. Kida had been unconcious the last time she'd done it in order to get to his room, and he'd fallen asleep by the time she'd been put in a wheelchair herself and carted back to her quarters. Exhaustion was such a harsh mistress. It was not entirely inconceivable that he was a little out of the loop when it came to her progress. Still, it wasn't like he didn't vaguely know that she was doing well.

Guilt was also unforgiving and cruel. Especially to those that she felt deserved to be left well enough alone, like Kida.

"It's fine. Really, it is," she sighed with a hint of content, and she granted him a warm smile.

Even though he still refused to look up. Saki's expression dimmed slightly, yet it did not retreat, as she took in the boy's own state. A fresh change of cotton bandages had been applied earlier on in the afternoon, so the bloom of crimson that had suddenly erupted from the deep gash along his scalp seemed like it had happened forever ago. In reality, that was the very reason why he'd had to have the dressings changed in the first place.

Kida's eyes were now training along a very dull, scenic watercolour that was framed across the other side of the room. Even that had not escaped the gentle embrace of nightfall. Despite the fact that he seemed intent on looking anywhere but her, she had no doubt about what needed to be done.

It was fortunate at that moment, then, that Kida was indeed looking the other way. His profile was facing her, almost unaware, and the only indication he received of her even moving was the slight creaking of the bed's springs as she leant forward.

The sensation he felt pressed against his cheek almost made him lose his grip on the flowers he had for her. A lingering, soft kiss was placed, and he could feel Saki's steady breathing brush against his skin through her nose.

His heart stopped. Then started up abrubtedly once more. A sweat broke out along his now blushing face. Had this been from anyone else, Kida probably would have taken it as an oppurtunity to flirt to the extreme. But this was Saki, and that kind of reaction just seemed so...

.....cheap. Compared to what she really deserved. As his mind mulled hurridly over exactly how he should follow up this affectionate gesture from the love of his life, Saki retreated back into her bed. A smile still on her lips.


He turned to look at her, then. The way the shadows dappled over her features, and how her smile seemed to provide more than enough light for them both seemed ethereal to him. Clearing his throat as his face seemed to cook in a flush, he met her gaze straight on.

And right then, he knew this moment was the only one he would ever need to recall for the rest of his life.

"It's okay."
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Hollie~: Drrr!: YELLOW SCARVEShollie_alr on February 12th, 2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
Re: <3 <3 <3
Thank you for this amazing and lovely review! <333 I really appreciate it, thank you.

I haven't been involved in the Durarara!! fandom for a few months now, but I've been planning on watching the dub that's just come out of it, so hopefully that'll inspire me to write some more KidaSaki stuff. <3